Marine Species Photo Album

Some marine species awaiting correct identification

Over the last few years, I have spent some time collecting and cataloguing a lot of marine species found around the area the unfortunate problem is that many species are not fully identified at the moment.

This album contains some of these species and rather than exclude them from the site I have created a gallery to allow you to view them and maybe even help contribute to correctly identifying them.

Disclaimer: A lot of work goes into trying to identify and ensure accurate identifications are made and that the listed Descriptions, Sizes, Habitats and Distribution information is as accurate and valid as possible. Unfortunately, information in this arena is ever changing and as such no guarantee can be offered that it is correct or currently valid as a result the information is provided as a guide, and it is always suggested that you do a little research to ensure you have the latest and most accurate information. I welcome any feedback and comments on the information provided.

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