Ammothea australiensis (Flynn, 1919)

The most common marine spider (not actually a spider) found around the southern coasts locally they burry deep into tight rock crevices and not easyily seen

How to identify Ammothea australiensis?

Body pale yellow to light brown, usually without markings. Mouth parts at front of body (proboscis) longer than the body. Eight segmented walking legs attached to the sides of the trunk

What habitats does Ammothea australiensis live in?

On exposed coast with high energy waves, they shelter in crevices, gullies or areas away from the main tidal surge and out to a depth of around 10m

What is the distribution of Ammothea australiensis?

Sounthern Australian coastline including around Tasmania

How big does Ammothea australiensis grow?

Can have a leg span of up to 20mm

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