Purple-mottled Shore Crab

Cyclograpsus granulosus H. Milne Edwards, 1853

These shore crabs can survive out of the water for several hours. As scavengers this species feeds on decaying seaweeds and other sea life along the shorelines and are often found under rocks at low tide scurrying for cover when disturbed.

This genus (Cyclograpsus) of crabs shares a lot of the same characteristics making it harder to identify them from each other the fact they do hybridise with each other also makes it harder to ID them.

How to identify Cyclograpsus granulosus?

With this species the carapace does not have any notches and varies greatly with colours from that mottled purple to dark reds, oranges and greys much like Cyclograpsus audouinii.

That being said the name for this species gives some indication of how to identify them and one key characteristic is the granulation along the front of the carapace basically the front of this crabs shell is more rough than Cyclograpsus audouinii This crab also lacks the dense tufts of hairs or setae between the base of the legs.

What habitats does Cyclograpsus granulosus live in?

Under rocks at mid to high intertidal levels

What is the distribution of Cyclograpsus granulosus?

South-eastern Australia

How big does Cyclograpsus granulosus grow?

Grows up to around 4cm

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