Swift-footed Shore Crab

Leptograpsus variegatus (Fabricius, 1793)

This swift moving and distinctive crab normally disapears quicky before you can even see it. This crab is often disticively purple and whilst colour variations do occur the pruple colour is more common.

The carapace features two notches behind the eye and eight or more ridges on the top sides, the legs are some what flattened with a spines near the joint. The claws commonly purple above and whit below.

During the day they are well hidden in the crevices coming out at night scurrying over rocks feeding one of the largest of the Australian shore crabs they move quickly and hold on tight in their hidding places making them hard to catch.

How to identify Leptograpsus variegatus?

What habitats does Leptograpsus variegatus live in?

Can be found on rocky shores at mid to high levels levels in rock crevices and cracks or under rocks.

What is the distribution of Leptograpsus variegatus?

Australian coasts including around Tasmania, also found in New Zealand

How big does Leptograpsus variegatus grow?

Can grow to around 50mm across the carapace

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