Forester kangaroo

Macropus giganteus Shaw, 1790

It is the largest marsupial in Tasmania and the second largest in the world. Colour varies from light brownish grey in males to grey in females. They differ from other Tasmanian macropods due to their large size, thick tail and relatively large ears.  They often make clucking sounds between themselves and give a guttural cough when alarmed

The Mt William N​ational Park​ in the northeast provides the opportunity to see these animals along 'Forester Drive'. A drive, or stroll along this road at dusk is most rewarding. The Forester has also been introduced to Maria Island Na​tional Park​ and Narawntapu National Park. Preferred habitat is open grassy forests and woodlands of northeastern and central Tasmania.

The Forester kangaroo is protected wildlife

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What habitats does Macropus giganteus live in?

It inhabits coastal areas, woodlands, forests, mountain forests, and inland scrubs

What is the distribution of Macropus giganteus?

This species is common on mianland Australia, where it is commonly known as the grey kangaroo. However in Tasmania The Forester kangaroo is currently restricted to a number of isolated populations in central and northeastern Tasmania.

How big does Macropus giganteus grow?

Adult males can reach over 60 kg and stand around 2 meters tall

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