Blue Mussel

Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819

Native to the Mediterranean coast and the Black and Adriatic Seas it has now spread widely around the world and is well established here in Australia locally it has interbred with our local species (native Blue Mussel) to a point it is now the more dominant species.

It is dark blue or brown to almost black. The two shells are equal and nearly quadrangular. The outside is black-violet coloured; on one side the rim of the shell ends with a pointed and slightly bent umbo while the other side is rounded.

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What habitats does Mytilus galloprovincialis live in?

Exposed rocky outer coasts to sandy bottoms

What is the distribution of Mytilus galloprovincialis?

Occurs in southeastern and southwestern Australia From NSW to WA including Tasmania

How big does Mytilus galloprovincialis grow?

Can grow to 15cm although more commonly up to around 8cm

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