Golden Decorator Crab

Naxia aurita (Latreille, 1825)

This common spider crab has a loosely pear shaped yellow to brown shell that features stout rostral spines (spines near the front) that are straight but at a slight divergent angle. The chelipeds (legs with claws) feature a blue or dark trim along the outer edge and have an organge accent. The walking legs are thin and long with hairs.

These crabs attach seaweeds, sponges and bryozoan to the small hairs on their carapace and legs to act as a camouflage, making them good at hiding within the enviroments they live in.

How to identify Naxia aurita?

What habitats does Naxia aurita live in?

Can be found in seaweed (algal) beds and reef structure out to a depth of 108m

What is the distribution of Naxia aurita?

Southern temperate oceans, including around southern Australia

How big does Naxia aurita grow?

Can grow to around 70mm in the length of the carapace

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