Herring Cale

Olisthops cyanomelas (Richardson 1850)

Herring Cale have teeth in both jaws fused into a parrot-like beak with serrate edges and like most wrasses, this species changes both sex and colour throughout its life

Juveniles are greyish to brownish above, yellowish below, with dark brown blotches, spots and lines, and a broken pearly stripe on the side.  

Females are brown, darker above, with narrow blue wavy lines on the head; each scale with bluish white spot, fins brown with wavy blue lines.Males are pale blue to almost black with bright blue lines along the margins of the caudal fin, along the leading edge of the pectoral fin and on the snout.

This species was previously known as Odax cyanomelas

How to identify Olisthops cyanomelas?

What habitats does Olisthops cyanomelas live in?

It inhabits inshore rocky areas especially amongst kelp in the surge zone. Occurs in kelp forests, along exposed rocky coasts usually with brown macroalgae, and in Amphibolis griffithii seagrass beds

What is the distribution of Olisthops cyanomelas?

Southern Australia from Angourie Point, northern New South Wales, to the Houtman Abrolhos, Western Australia, and around Tasmania

How big does Olisthops cyanomelas grow?

Can grow to around 50cm

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