Pagurid Hermit Crab Sp.

Pagurus traversi (Filhol, 1885)

Information Species Status Unknown Whilst this crab is currently being identified as Pagurus traversi formal identification is being awaited. However the documented ID keys for this species match Pagurus traversi with this being the accepted name for the time being
Update No ALA Data The ALA has removed references to this species incorrectly as normal out of touch with reality so no mapping or other data is available due their poor management

Very common along the inter-tidal zones particularly near the Island and around Tomahawk Point where it is very common under rocks and in tidal pools

How to identify Pagurus traversi?

A small hermit crab greenish in colour with banding reddish brown and white on the antennae, The antennules are green with the flagellum being orange. The merus of the cheliped with a single spine at the dorsal end whilst the propodus with spinose tubercles the right cheliped being larger than the left

What habitats does Pagurus traversi live in?

Under rocks in tidal rockpools and in the inter-tidal zone

What is the distribution of Pagurus traversi?

Is documented as being confined to New Zealand and being endemic to that location, However recently it is being documented in Southern Australian from Victoria and Tasmania.

How big does Pagurus traversi grow?

Can grow to around 27mm in length but is often much smaller

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