Tasmanian Blenny

Parablennius tasmanianus Richardson, 1842

A common blenny with a large head, a blunt snout with a steep profile, and a large frilled tentacle over each eye.

Tasmanian Blennies are pale brownish to dark brown or bluish-grey with a pattern of irregular bars and blotches on the sides, and two dark bars radiating from below the eye. Males have about six indistinct darker saddle-like markings above the midline of the body. Females have indistinct saddles, each broken up into a checkerboard pattern.

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What habitats does Parablennius tasmanianus live in?

Inhabits shallow rocky reefs in sheltered bays and estuaries, in depths to 10 m. Tasmanian Blennies shelter under rocks in tidepools, in holes and crevices in shallow reefs, pylons, and often in empty cans and bottles. Common in rock pools along the beachfront

What is the distribution of Parablennius tasmanianus?

Endemic to southern Australia, from about Eden, New South Wales, to Ceduna, South Australia, in the middle of the Great Australian Bight, and around Tasmania.

How big does Parablennius tasmanianus grow?

Grows up to about 13cm

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