Blood-spotted Noctuid

Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta (Guenée, 1852)

The adult is striking. The forewings are a rich brown colour, with several wavy transverse white lines edged with multiple black chevrons. There are also two black dots ringed with red in the central area of each forewing, and the wings are further decorated with small red flecks and dots. The hindwings are pale brown. The colours fade to plain brown when the moth dies, and museum specimens are a quite dull.

The Caterpillar is brown, black, and cream. Its head and thorax are narrower than the abdomen, and darker in colour. The body is striped, and there is a characteristic white diagonal stripe on each side of the seventh abdominal segment.

How to identify Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta?

What habitats does Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta live in?

Caterpillas are normally found on the soil surface, amongst plant debris and at night feeding on grasses when they are most active. Moths can be found at ground level amounst grasses.

What is the distribution of Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta?

Across most Australian states including Tasmania and is also found in New Zealand

How big does Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta grow?

The wingspan of the moth is about 40 mm and the cataerpillas grow to a length of about 40 mm

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