Silver Sweep

Scorpis lineolata Kner, 1865

A uniform grey sweep, duskier above and rather silvery below, with a black rear margin on the gill cover, a blackish area on the pectoral-fin base, and black outer caudal-fin rays.

Juveniles are often found locally on the shallow reefs and the rocks at high tide and amoungst the similar species Sea sweep they will take feed from your hand when snorkelling.

Can be confused with Sea Sweep, Scorpis aequipinnis also note that some refernce this in the family of Kyphosidae(Sea Chubs)

How to identify Scorpis lineolata?

What habitats does Scorpis lineolata live in?

Schools inhabit exposed coastlines and quiet reef areas, occasionally entering estuaries

What is the distribution of Scorpis lineolata?

From Queensland to South Australia including Tasmania, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. Occurs less frequently in southern waters

How big does Scorpis lineolata grow?

Grows to a max size of around 30 cm

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