Elephant Snail

Scutus antipodes Montfort, 1810

The Elephant Snail shell is often completely covered over by its black mantel completely hiding the shell and appreaing like a black slug.

During the day the snail is often found hiding under rocks or in crevices looking much smaller in size and exposing the shell that colours from a whiteish grey to a whiteish green.

When active mostly at night this snails size is shown often being a big black mass moving across interidal pools. This species is a member of the keyhole limpet family, where the shell often seems to be an afterthough

Protected:Elephant Snails are protected in Tasmania you are not allowed to collect or use them for bait

How to identify Scutus antipodes?

A black bodied snail with a greyish foot and a white shield like shell on it's back. The shell is a rectangular shaped with growth rings although in older snails this may be worn or covered with growths

What habitats does Scutus antipodes live in?

Elephant Snails are found in intertidal rock pools and subtidailly under rocks

What is the distribution of Scutus antipodes?

New Zealand. Southern mainland Australia and Tasmania

How big does Scutus antipodes grow?

Shell can be up to 10cm long

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