Slender Cuttlefish

Sepia braggi Verco, 1907

It is a relatively small species of cuttlefish the mantle elongates to 3 times longer than it is wide. The mantle is cigar-shaped and triangular towards the anterior end. Narrow fins extend along the lateral margin of the mantle and widen along the posterior. The head is short and narrower than the mantle.The common name of S. braggi originates from its slender cuttlebone, which is lanceolate in shape

As with all cuttlefishes, the ‘shell’ is the animal’s rigid but buoyant internal support structure, which floats to the surface once the animal dies and may drift many kilometres before beaching.

There are no photo's of this species alive and is known from it's bone or shell that is washed up

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What habitats does Sepia braggi live in?

Typically found in depth between 30 and 86 meters

What is the distribution of Sepia braggi?

Southern Australia, from southern New South Wales to Western Australia. In Tasmanian waters, this is a common species along the N coast and around the Bass Strait islands

How big does Sepia braggi grow?

Males up to 49 mm mantle length while females up to 80 mm mantle length

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