Rock Cale

Aplodactylus lophodon (Günther, 1859)

A large greyish to bluish-black fish with pale mottling on the sides, a dark saddle beneath the middle of the spinous dorsal fin, a series of five evenly spaced white dashes or blotches on the sides below the lateral line from above pectoral fin to below end of dorsal fin, and pale spots on the fins.

This species can be confused with the Marble fish (Aplodactylus arctidens) the spots on the tail and fins can help to ID this species along with the 5 bands along the side.

Note:The books and related identification site and apps may state this species is not recorded in Tasmania. Over the recent years this species has been recorded as far south as the Derwent River showing it's recorded range needs adjusting

How to identify Aplodactylus lophodon?

What habitats does Aplodactylus lophodon live in?

Found on shallow exposed rocky shores, aggregating in high-energy zone, just below foaming surface to depths of about 10 m

What is the distribution of Aplodactylus lophodon?

Recorded in Australia from Mudjimba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, to the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, and Babel Island, Tasmania

How big does Aplodactylus lophodon grow?

Grows to around 45cm

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