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This area of our website is to aid in the development of the site giving all the details about what is currently happening with the development

Site Update Information

  • 2.0.1

    View Species Pages and Core (11/09/2022)

    Currently Working on updating some background features for the view species pages have now now enabled better naming strructure and added micro data support.

    I have also updated the light box script to the current version version with my modifications included.

    Site wide SEO conical links should be working. I am continuing to fix the ALA bug and adding more detail for identifing species although this is a slow process. Over this summer I will try to do some video based content around species ID's if I get time.

    More to come soon

  • 2.0.0

    Bootstrap V5 Update (17/09/2021)

    Main site wide upgrade to Bootstrap V5. The site will move over to Bootstrap V5 from V4 and have some other improvments and bug fixes as i rebuild each page to suit BS V5 this will take around a week to complete.

    Most pages are now updated and have had some minor fixes and new features added.

    Over the next two days this will be finished off and then i will work on the content.

  • 1.21.5

    Initial live stage (22/05/2021)

    Enabled the inital live stage of the site most main features are active whilst work is done to other areas across the site

Known Bugs & Issues 4
Bug Details Status Notes
ALA biocache feed
Impacts: view-species pages
Details: There is a bug on the ALA server preventing this feature from working correctly.
Species images
Impacts: View species page
Details: Some of the images that are pulled from the iNaturalists site are broken this is due to them changing the way they host files basically using amazons AWS now and rather than making it backward compatible they are changing all file over. This means i have to change those links within my database a bad decision by them that brakes links for a lot of services that use their data. I have fixed most of these but it will happen from time to time until i find them
Friendly URLs
Impacts: Site wide
Details: I am slowly implementing friendly URL's across the site whilst i under atke this there may be some periods of errors and some links may not function correctly, This is going to take a little while as I am working on it whilst i have a few things on the go If there are any major errors i will fix those ASAP
Species Distribution Map
Impacts: View Species Pages
Details: The ALA have changed the way they handle species indexing and naming to a way in my opinion is a bit stupid as a result this means the distrubution map and the index I have in the data base needs tobe updated to match what they now use The ALA should use a singular ID but they don't this is a slow process of changing every record in my database to match I am working on this slowly
Site Development To Do List 14
Title Start Date End Date Progress Status Notes
Build the Community areas of the site 09/08/2020 NA Suspended
Explore & Do pages 30/07/2020 NA Started
Home Page 31/07/2020 NA implementing
FAQ and help section 01/02/2021 NA implementing
Nearby Section 09/08/2020 NA Started
Contact Page 31/07/2020 NA Testing
Social media page 31/07/2020 NA Suspended
News system 09/08/2020 NA Suspended
Species List Page 01/02/2020 28/08/2021 Completed
Indigenous Species Block 08/06/2021 NA Planned
File or document system 12/07/2021 NA implementing
Fishing Page 20/08/2021 NA Started
Upgrade Bootstrap to V5 25/08/2021 03/05/2022 Completed
Friendly URL's 01/05/2022 NA implementing
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