Lace Coral

Celleporaria cristata (Lamarck, 1816)

An elongated, spiral-looking colony of tiny individual animals (zooids). Bryozoan colonies like this species feed using a circlet of tentacles (lophophore) which filters the water. Most bryozoans are hermaphrodites, either containing separate female and male zooids in the colony, or containing both sexes within the one zooid. Colonies can grow quickly and thus some species can be a pest if they foul hulls of ships or the wooden structures of piers.

A similar species Densipora corrugata

How to identify Celleporaria cristata?

Commonly seen washed up as white ridged spiral coral like structures on the steams of sea grasses and algae Celleporaria cristata is easier to ID due to its sharp pointed spikes when view closely or zoomed in on. When alive this species is red to brown in colour

What habitats does Celleporaria cristata live in?

Usually anchored to structures, including attached to seagrass.

What is the distribution of Celleporaria cristata?

Found around Australia

How big does Celleporaria cristata grow?


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