River Blackfish

Gadopsis marmoratus Richardson, 1848

The River Blackfish may be pale green, yellowish, brown or black in colour. It usually has a marbled pattern with larger dark blotches. The underside is pale yellow, blue or purple-grey. The upper jaw is longer than the lower. The pelvic fins are positioned under the opercular openings. Both pelvic fins consist of a single branched ray. The spinous portion of the dorsal fin is lower than the soft-rayed portion

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What habitats does Gadopsis marmoratus live in?

The species occurs in freshwater streams, but has a reduced distribution because of habitat degradation. It is still common in some areas

What is the distribution of Gadopsis marmoratus?

From QLD, NSW to Victoria and Tasmania

How big does Gadopsis marmoratus grow?

Can grow to around 60cm

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