Three-Pronged Flat Spider Crab

Halicarcinus ovatus Stimpson, 1858

This small sized endemic species can be easily missed they are also good at hiding amongst the sea-grasses and algae they live in. This species is a prominent food source for bottom feeding fishes. Similar species include Amarinus laevis, Halicarcinus innominatus, Amarinus lacustris Locally around Tomahawk they can be found under rocks in rock pools and inter-tidal areas in particular around Tomahawk Island and along the rocky shore line

How to identify Halicarcinus ovatus?

The colouration of this species can vary a lot from reddish browns to greens and even black and whites the key to identifying this species is in the shape of the subcircular carapace with two lateral forward pointing spines although these may be worn and less visible in some crabs, the rostrum (between the eyes) features three blunt prongs the middle one may be slightly longer than the outer two. The four legs are thin and may be mottled in colour or even a different colour to the carapace.

What habitats does Halicarcinus ovatus live in?

Can be found on reefs, seagrass and algae areas along the shoreline out to a depth of around 85m

What is the distribution of Halicarcinus ovatus?

Southern Australia including around Tasmania

How big does Halicarcinus ovatus grow?

Can grow to around 10mm across the carapace

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