Yellowstriped Leatherjacket

Meuschenia flavolineata Hutchins, 1977

Adult Yellowstriped Leatherjacket is black-brown to green-brown with a yellow blotch on the caudal peduncle. This blotch often extends forward along the side of the body as a yellow stripe in fish from Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Fish from New South Wales rarely have a stripe.

There are four spines on the caudal peduncle. In males these are curved and preceded by a patch of bristles. The spines are smaller in females and juveniles.

The yellow markings vary a lot in this species with some only have a slight yellow shade to some having the yellow in the tail. The body colour also is varible. The ID images should help to give you some idea.

How to identify Meuschenia flavolineata?

What habitats does Meuschenia flavolineata live in?

Coastal reefs, particularly those offshore, in depths of 1-30 m

What is the distribution of Meuschenia flavolineata?

It is endemic to Australia. It is recorded from coastal reefs of the central coast of New South Wales, around the south of the country and north to the central coast of Western Australia

How big does Meuschenia flavolineata grow?

Grows to around 30cm

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