Tiger Snake

Notechis scutatus (Peters, 1861)

A common snake around the coast including throughout the yards of the shacks and the Tomahawk Caravan Park. These snakes can be very attractive to look at and they normally flee when distrubed by human movements.

Dangerous:Dangerously venomous and their bite can be fatal - If bitten seek urgent medical aid.
There are a number of Snake Bite Kits around the community if bitten it is important to stay calm and limit movement, Bandage the area with a firm broad bandage ASAP covering as much of the limb as possible. First Aid Can be found here

How to identify Notechis scutatus?

Body colour varies, including brown to green. Usually, but not always, with dark or light stripes across the body. The main way to ID this snake is via the arrangement of the scales or scale pattern on its head the frontal scale between the eyes is almost as broad as it is long

What habitats does Notechis scutatus live in?

Damp areas, dry sclerophyll forests, coastal scrub and woodlands, river beds and swampy areas

What is the distribution of Notechis scutatus?

Southern Australia including Tasmania

How big does Notechis scutatus grow?

Can grow to around 2m

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