Common Marine Caddisfly

Philanisus plebeius Walker, 1852

This caddisfly lays its eggs inside the Dwarf Cushion Star (Parvulastra exigua) the larvae later exit via the mouth and continue their development within the marine rock pools feeding on the intertidal algae (Corallina officinalis) within the rockpool.

How to identify Philanisus plebeius?

Adults are rather slender, medium sized with pale yellowish grey brownish mottled wings

What habitats does Philanisus plebeius live in?

Around marine coastlines in particular around rockpools where Parvulastra exigua can be found

What is the distribution of Philanisus plebeius?

Southeastern Australia including Tasmania and can also be found in New Zealand

How big does Philanisus plebeius grow?

Can grow to a wing span of around 22mm

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