Common Wombat

Vombatus ursinus (Shaw, 1800)

Wombats are mainly nocturnal and crepuscular, emerging fromtheir burrows at dusk to graze in the cooler night temperatures. However duringcolder seasons, they may be seen sunbathing in the day.

They are equipped with powerful limbs, short broad feet andflattened claws. They have a short stocky body with a broad head.

Theydiffer from other marsupials by having only two incisor teeth in the upper jaw.The incisor and molar teeth of this animal are also unique because they haveopen roots and continue to grow throughout the animal’s life.

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What habitats does Vombatus ursinus live in?

Dry and wet forest, woodland and coastal heath and pasturelands

What is the distribution of Vombatus ursinus?

South-eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania

How big does Vombatus ursinus grow?

Can grow to around 110cm and can weigh in at up to around 35kg

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