Red Algae

Acrosorium ciliolatum (Harvey) Kylin 1924

Thin, flattened blades. Blade tips often hooked (uncinated). Branching is on one plane (complinate) with an irregular alternate pattern. Blade tips (apices) rounded through to pointed (acute). Can have short hair-like projections arranged sparsely on blade edges or surface. Holdfast of root-like (rhizoidal) pads. Light to medium red.

This species is often found in broken segments washed up along the beaches or flaoting through the water.

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What habitats does Acrosorium ciliolatum live in?

Subtidal reef, sheltered to rough waters, to depth of 30 m

What is the distribution of Acrosorium ciliolatum?

World wide in Australia it is found in most states including around Tasmania

How big does Acrosorium ciliolatum grow?

The thallus can grow to around 60mm the overal size can grow to around 200mm

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