Spear fishing - Tomahawk, Tasmania


Information about the Spearfishing around our area

Spearfishing is an ever-increasing sport with it being a popular way to get a feed of fish and other seafood in a sustainable way whilst enjoying the pleasures of the underwater environment.

If you are new to this type of sport, then why not checkout the links below to the Facebook groups and join in with them on trips Freedive Tasmania also offers courses and catered trips to help you gain experience with others.

There are a few species that you can encounter whilst spearfishing in and around Tomahawk

For those of us who enjoy spearfishing we mostly know the dangers involved with the sport the two videos below are here to help newcomers to the sport and to remind us all about being safe in the water.

SpearSafe DVD Part 1

Video by: SpearSafe on Vimeo

SpearSafe DVD Part 2

Video by: SpearSafe on Vimeo.

Why not share your catches with others

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